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De Boois-Visser law firm specialises in employment law and provides clear, practical legal advice without bureaucracy and frills. Founded initially in 2012 under a different name, the firm now provides legal advice to international and domestic companies as well as government and semi-government agencies. The firm also assists private individuals.


Practical, transparent and effective


A. (Anouk) Boois-Visser, LLM, (lawyer) is an
all-round employment law specialist. Anouk helps both companies and private individuals through their (strategic) decision-making process. She also assists works councils and government and semi-government agencies.  Anouk’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to:


  • Individual and collective redundancies
  • Dismissal of a director under the articles of association
  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts and employment terms
  • Non-solicitation and non-compete clauses
  • Negotiating with or on behalf of works councils
  • Introducing or implementing a policy (for example, drug and alcohol policy)


Anouk graduated from the Vrije Universteit Amsterdam with a major in employment law. She also studied Communication (management processes) at the same time.

This combination, which she chose out of interest more than anything else, unites a legal-strategic way of thinking with the ability to transform ideas into pragmatic solutions. This proved to be a successful combination.


She gained her experience at the district court in Haarlem, as a lawyer at a mid-sized niche employment law firm and as a legal counsel at a big company. This has enabled her to go through all of the processes that enable a lawyer to be successful.


In 2012, she started her own firm, with which in 2013 she joined a mid-sized law firm in Amsterdam to become an associate. During this time, she continued to build up her practice into an independent and reliable firm.


Her approach is best described as practical, transparent and effective. She never loses sight of her client's interests.


Anouk is a member of the Employment Law Association and the Employment Law Working Group in Amsterdam. She is also a member of the Gooische Advocaten Vereniging (local lawyers' association) and the Gooise beroepsvereniging (local professional association).

common ground


De Boois-Visser law firm believes that talking is a good way of resolving conflicts.


A well-led discussion (usually) prevents lawsuits. This is not only efficient because it saves time and money, reaching a mutual agreement also has a positive effect on the final result. It has everything to do with the possibilities and the influence that you as the client can exert to obtain the desired result.


Anouk de Boois-Visser has led a number of successful mediations. As a mediator, her position is always neutral, meaning that she does not represent any of the parties during the process. Her legal background is useful when it comes to resolving a conflict.

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